“Bringing the finest Greek olives, to everyone’s plate around the world.”

Since the moment an olive is harvested from the tree, fresh and full of nutritional values, and until it is served for consumption, it needs to be handled with care by people who are experienced and passionate about healthy and quality food. As such, we work tirelessly to get the finest Greek olives available for everyone to taste and luxuriate.

Olive, the protagonist
of your meal

The olive fruit is a key component of the broadly known “Mediterranean diet” that UNESCO has officially declared as an Inherited Cultural Heritage of Humanity.For centuries it has been regarded as a premium ingredient in the world of culinary and gastronomy, offering countless combinations of traditional but also modern flavors.

Olives and their oil have a long history of reported health benefits too, such as heart health, cancer risk reduction, lower risk and treatment of cognitive diseases, diabetes prevention and more. All these benefits originate from their rich nutritional values, as they are low in cholesterol and rich in antioxidants, Vitamins A & E, calcium, iron and copper.

Greece with its unique land morphology and climate is the perfect home of the olive trees and their fruits for the past 4.000 years. Nowadays the Greek olives are globally recognizable for their high nutritional values and rich flavor, righteously earning their spot in every serious food market and restaurant around the world.