PVG Hellas is a Greek, exports-oriented company, specialized in table olives processing and trading. It was established in 2015 as a merely trading company, by professionals with long experience in the market of table olives. In 2018, the company expanded its activity to processing and packaging with a proprietary establishment located in Larissa area, Greece. Since then, it steadily grew its export business by continuously investing in new products and packages, while upgrading its facility’s capacity and

automation. Today, PVG Hellas serves its customers with a broad range of Greek olive products of all varieties (both conventional and organic) and in all known forms. With the optimal equipment as well as the technical knowledge and experience required, PVG Hellas is the right choice for every wholesale and food service buyer/distributor of Greek olives that needs a dedicated supplying partner in Greece.


So far, we have managed through dedication to superior quality and consistent top-tier customer service to establish our business and earn the trust of leading food companies in the markets of USA, Australia, Western & Eastern Europe, Israel and more. During the last few years we have managed to further expand our presence to more markets around the world and achieve our milestone goal of presence in more than 25 countries.

Our numbers grow steadily each season reaching a total volume of more than 10.000 tons of olive products exported each season.


In PVG Hellas, we believe in building long-term collaborations with our customers based on precision in quality and taste, consistency in our QC and customer service and passion for healthy and nutritional food. At the center of everything we do are the needs of each of our customers, the satisfaction of which is our top priority.

To be always one step ahead of the market, we constantly invest in 3 key areas:

In that direction, we constantly monitor the market status, and work closely with our customers to help them further grow their business.


Our vision is to serve the Greek olives, offered by the Greek nature, to every consumer’s plate around the world. We believe in pursuing it through sustainable sourcing of our raw materials and through dedication to quality in all of our products.


While our industry becomes more and more technology driven, we believe that our people is the key to our success. For this reason, we support them and constantly look try to help them further develop their skills and achieve their professional goals.

pvg hellas


We aim to be a socially and environmentally responsible business that meets the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. PVG Hellas is committed to respect the

corporate code of ethics and compliance policies as well as the environment protection legislation in full. On top of it our company contributes towards:

A) Sustainable practices from the farm until the final product

  • Sustainable sourcing and active support of sustainable farming practices
  • Systematically limited use of water and energy
  • Circular economy practices (all rejected raw material is used for olive oil / fuel pellets)

B) Preservation of the environment

  • Advanced wastewater treatment system
  • Solar panels to be installed on the roof of our facilities
  • Recycling of disposable packaging material and consumables

C) Protecting people

  • SMETA audit (for labor standards – ethics, health – safety – environment)