Every olive’s quality comes from the people involved from the harvest off the tree until the final product. Our team ofexperts makes sure that every olive we deliver is properly cured, processed with precisionand relentlessly checked.

When it comes to olive curing and processing, quality is a matter of deep knowledge and experience applied in each of the 7 stages of the process.



An initial control of quality is performed upon harvesting of each batch. Working closely with our farmers to ensure the olives collected are of the optimal color and texture.



The olives are received after passing from multiple checks from our procurement team.

Fermentation (Curing)

The olives are put in special tanks for their natural fermentation (debittering) process. Each batch is continuously checked to ensure the best possible outcome.


Selection & Sorting

Each batch is calibrated and when required color selected (with specialized machine). On top of it, the olives are also carefully hand-selected before and after processing.


Based on the customer needs the olives are pitted / sliced / diced / stuffed and/or marinated with herbs and spices. All our products pass through a metal detector upon processing.



The products are packaged in various types of packages: plastic and metal, pasteurized and non-pasteurized, plain and branded. The final products are controlled for any defects or leakages before getting palletized.

Palletizing & Loading

The final products are placed and shrink wrapped in pallets, then loaded and secured in place inside the truck / container.


Throughout the process, our people continuously control and apply corrections based on our strict quality standards and the indicated customer specifications. This way our customers are reassured that their products follow all European / International food safety regulations and match their tastes.

Our commitment to quality is certified with IFS Food and BRC Food Safety certifications for food processing, as well as with organic olive processing and trading certification by Bio Hellas.